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Accessing Control-D

STEP 1: Open a mainframe session from your desktop.


STEP 2: Once the green screen appears, type DOLV on the command line as shown.


Type DOLV at the CMS Logon Page


STEP 3: At the next screen (shown below), type in your CMS mainframe account and password, tab between the entries. Hit "enter" when done.

Enter your CMS ID and Password


At this point you are brought into Control-D and into the Report Selection panel shown below. Each section of this panel will now be discussed.

Select the report you would like to view

Before beginning a discussion on the Report Selection panel it is important to note two useful pieces of information:

  • Pressing the F1 key on any panel will give HELP for that particular panel.
  • Pressing the F3 key will bring the user back to the previous panel and eventually, if the F3 key is hit continually, it will exit the user from Control-D.
  • When the JOBNAME or REPORT NAME fields are used, the asterisk (*) can be used as a wild card. For instance, if a user wants to see all monthly transaction reports they would enter FBM* as the report name.


OPTIONS: This field allows you to specify which report list you would like to see. The valid values for this field are 1, 2, or 3. The default value is 2. These values represent the following choices for the report list:

1 = PERMANENT REPORT LIST. This list is rarely used and it gives a master list of all reports which the user may receive at any time.

2 = ACTIVE REPORT LIST. This is a list of recent reports and will always come up if the OPTIONS field is left blank.

3 = HISTORY REPORT LIST. A list of all reports which are currently archived on tape or cartridge that can be restored to the Active list.

REPORT NAME: This is the report name such as FBM090. If you put an asterisk after the first 3 letters, FBM*, it will give the list of all reports beginning with FBM that the user is permitted to view. If this is left blank then it will list all the reports available to the user.

USER: User or recipient name. Each area is assigned a specific name that is used to access reports that are relevant to their department.

DATE FROM/TO: Earliest and latest date for reports to be included in the Report list. Specifying a FROM date without a TO date implies that the FROM and TO dates are the same. The following formats may be entered in the Date field:

1. mmddyy

2. -n where n represents a number from 0 to 365 of preceding days. Example: -3 would signify that the user wants reports from 3 days ago.

3. LAST used for FROM date only and will display only the latest report.

JOBNAME: Name of job which created the report. Not a required field so may be left blank.

DISPLAY TYPE: Input U for end user.

BYPASS PANEL: The valid values are:

N (No) - this value will bring the user to the Report Selection panel when they first enter Control-D. This should be the only value used.


Once the Report Selection panel is setup the user will just hit ENTER and the Report List panel will appear.



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