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Printing Reports

Printing Control-D reports is a fairly easy task as long as there is a printer available that is capable of printing mainframe applications. In order for a printer to produce such reports it will need to have the following criteria met:

  • The printer will need a jet direct card and be configured for it.
  • Once a printer has been configured with the jet direct card it will need a static IP address assigned to it.
  • The printer will need printer tags assigned to it for portrait and landscape printing orientations once it receives the static IP address.
  • Click here to obtain the request form that you will need to send to UITS. You will be asked to save it to a file where you can open it, fill it out and mail to UITS when completed.

Call the University's HELP desk at 486-4357 for assistance with the above steps. They will send somebody out to help with the process.


Once the printer is set up to accommodate mainframe printing, Control-D reports can be directed to it. From the ACTIVE LIST the user can select option "P" for printing and will place it in column "O" next to the report they wish to print. See the example below:
Image showing the active list

Next hit ENTER and the following screen will appear:

Image showing the printing menu
The following sections are important from the user's standpoint.
PRINT OPTION: 3 options are available to the user.
  • 1 = Immediate Printing will print the report immediately to a remote printer near the user.
  • 2 = Deferred Printing will print the report later with other reports that you will receive in a "bundle". The status of the report on the active list changes to "WAIT PRINT". This report gets printed on the main printer located at the Computer Center (UITS).
  • X will exit the Print Option window.
COPIES: Number of copies to be printed. This value will always be 1.
CLASS: Always G
DEST: This is the printer tag associated with the printer to which you are printing the report.

Allows the user to print a range of report pages rather than the whole report. The default value in the FROM is always 000001 and TO PAGE is the number of pages in the entire report.

NOTE: When entering a print range use the Page numbers displayed on the top line of the REPORT VIEWING SCREEN. Do not use the page number in the report. See below:


Image showing which pages to select for printing

<--Use these page #s!

<--Do not use these pg #s!!


Once the above fields are filled in accordingly, the ENTER key is pressed and the user is returned to the Active Report List where a message is displayed indicating that the report has been printed.



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