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Viewing Reports

Once the user hits "Enter" from the Report Selection panel, the Report List panel appears. Below is a sample of a Report List panel for active reports. It will be different for each user since each user may be requesting different reports to view. The most common reports that will appear for departmental viewing will be the FBM090, FBM091 and the FBM061. These are the monthly financial reports. Note the column headings. They are described below. These headings are the same for the History List as well.

Report List Panel for Active Reports

Image of the Active list


O: Option requested by the user for an individual report. Option values are found at the bottom of the screen and the most frequently requested values are as follows:


View entire report online.


Print entire report or selected pages.

Open a note window for the report.
Restore a report from the archives.


Cancel a restore request.


REPORT: Name of the report as defined by the System Administrator.

ODATE: Date that the report was originally run.

PAGES: Number of pages in report.

LINES: Number of lines in the report.

VIEW: View indicator. A blank means that the report has never been viewed. A "V" indicates that the report has been viewed.

COP: Copy count used when the report is printed.

STATUS: Report status. The status can be any of the following:

Wait Decollation - report has not yet been processed.

Decollated - report has been processed and is available for viewing and printing on request.

Wait Print - a print of the report has been requested, but it has not yet printed. Report is available for viewing.

Printed - report has been printed. It is available for viewing.

Backed up - regular status in History List.

Wait Restore - a restore request is pending.

Restored -a restore request for the report has been completed. The report is available for viewing and printing.

REMARK: Program remark requested by the System Administrator.



It is easy to view a report that appears on the Active Report List panel. Place a "V" in the options column (O) next to the report that you would like to see. This will bring the full report to the screen.

The user can navigate through the report by using several F keys and screen commands. The screen commands are placed on the "command" line found in the upper left hand corner of the report screen and is followed by an arrow, = = = >. It is after the arrow that the commands are placed. The following is a summary of these navigation tools.

F3 Exit the report. F8 Scrolls down report.
F5 Repeat a find. F10 Shifts report right.
F7 Scrolls up the report. F11 Shifts report left.
Nextpage or Nextpage n. Abbreviation Nn Nextpage scrolls forward by print page. Nextpage n scrolls forward n pages; For example, Nextpage 3 scrolls forward 3 pages.

Prevpage or Prevpage n. Abbreviation Pn


Prevpage scrolls back by print page. Prevpage n scrolls back n pages; for example PrevPage 3 scrolls back 3 pages.
Find string or F string Locates first value after cursor.
Find string Prev or F..... Locates last value before cursor.
M F7 or F8 M PF7 brings you to the top of the report. M F8 brings you to the bottom of the report.



The amount to scroll is defined in the SCROLL field. This field is found on the command line in the upper right hand corner. It looks like this: SCROLL = = > and is followed by a value such as CRSR. The values that SCROLL may take on are defined as follows:

CRSR - scrolls only to where the cursor is located on the report.
PAGE - scrolls a full page.
HALF - scrolls half a page.

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