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Exiting Control-D

There are 2 ways to exit from Control-D. Either may be used depending on how fast you want to leave the application.
METHOD 1: To exit Control-D completely just type =X at the command arrow from any screen you are on that has the command arrow and then hit Enter. This is the quickest way to exit the application. Example:
Image showing the active list and type =x to exit
METHOD 2: If you do not want to get out of Control-D completely, but would like to go to a previous screen, hit F3 until you reach the panel you wish. If you continually hit F3 you will eventually exit from the Control-D viewing facility, in which case you will get the message that the session was exited successfully.

The last page that appears under both methods will have the following message at the top indicating that the session was exited successfully.......

Image showing mainframe session has ended
Hit F3 or Pause to return to the UConn main menu screen (green screen).

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Last updated: August 4, 2016