FRS master files


The following is a listing of the masterfile descriptions used to report data from the Financial Records System (FRS). The last 2 digits of the file name indicates the particular data file. For instance, a data file ending with 14 would be for General Ledger account attributes, whereas, one ending in 15 would be for the Subsidiary Ledger. Click on any file to see the complete listing of the fields and formats used for that particular data file. Please note that the definitions for the D9530F02, F03, F04, F05 & F83 use the masterfile definitions for the D9530F09. Therefore, you will see the F09 in the heading for these listings. Also, the mfd for D95HSF26 is the same as D9530F26.

A word regarding the naming convention of the data files.

Current Fiscal Year Files: These files are always prefixed by D9530F__ where the '30' indicates that the data contained in the file will be for the current fiscal year. For instance, to report current subsidiary ledger attributes for an FRS account the user would employ the definitions from the D9530F15 file. To report on a General Ledger account attributes the D9530F14 would be used.

Prior Fiscal Year Files: These files are always prefixed by D95LYF__ where the 'LY' indicates files from the year preceding the current year. They are the Last Year files. Therefore, D95LYF15 will contain FRS Subsidiary Ledger data for the fiscal year that precedes the current open year.

Previous Fiscal Years' Files: Previous fiscal year files are prefixed by D95YYF__ where the 'YY' signifies which previous fiscal year data is being drawn from. So, to see Subsidiary Ledger information from 1996 the user will draw data from the D9596F15 file.

Name Descriptions

D0000F01 *

University 7-Digit Department Table (MUD)

D0000F02 * University 5-Digit Department Table (MUD)
D0000F03 * University Department Unit Table (MUD)
D0000F04 * University Department Executive Level Table (MUD)
D0000F05 * University Department Campus Table (MUD)
D0000F06 * University Sub-Department Table (MUD)

D9530F00 *

DBD Translation Extract


State Coding Attributes

D9530F02 *

Week-to-Date Transaction History through the Previous Day

D9530F03 *

Month-to-Date Transaction History through the Previous Week

D9530F04 *

Year-to-Date Transaction History through the Previous Month

D9530F05 *

Month-to-Date Transaction History through the Previous Day

D9530F09 *

Year-to-Date Transaction History through the Previous Day

D9530F13 *

Account Attribute Translations

D9530F14 *

General Ledger Account Attributes and Dollar Records

D9530F15 *

Subsidiary Ledger Account Attributes and Dollar Records

D9530F16 *

Open Commitments currently viewed on-line

D9530F25 ^

Vendor File

D9530F26 ^

Voucher Records from the current fiscal year and any records from the prior fiscal years that are still upaid.

D95HSF26 ^

Voucher Records from 3 prior fiscal years plus some records from the current fiscal year that have been paid.

D9530F28 ^

Duplicate Invoice edit records

D9530F32 ^

Purchase Order Invoice Records

D9530F34 ^

PurchasingModule Document Header Records (Purchase Orders, Requistions, Bids and Future Orders)

D9530F35 ^

Purchase Order Receiving File

D9530F36 ^

Purchasing Module Document Line Item Detail (Purchase Orders, Requisitions, Bids and Future Orders)

D9530F50 +

Asset File

D9530F51 +

Fixed Asset Notes

D9530F52 +

Building File

D9530F53 +

Fixed Assets Indirect Transaction History

D9530F54 +

Fixed Assets Direct Transaction History

D9530F55 +

Equipment Class

D9530F56 +

Acquisition Methods

D9530F57 +

Disposal Methods

D9530F58 +

Depreciation Methods


Previous Month-to-Date Transaction History


Bid List File


Commodity File


* Execute EX F9530S99 to link to the attribute and transaction tables simultaneously

^ Execute EX F9530S94 to link to the vendor, voucher & purchase order files simultaneously.

+ Execute EX F9530S95 to link to the Fixed Asset master files simultaneously.

Please remember that you may also execute a READACC in your focexec if you do not want to link to every single master file that the above programs give you access to. An EX READACC masterfile name may be placed within your focexec.


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