The FRS operator number allows the user access to the University's Financial Records System (FRS). This four digit number defines the user's rights and restrictions in FRS. At the time an operator number is assigned, FOCUS access is also established with the same data restrictions. Before a user can be given the FRS operator number they first must already have a CMS mainframe account. See the instructions under CMS Mainframe Account for details on how to aquire a CMS account.

The request form for access to FRS can be found by visiting the following web site:

or by contacting one of the Financial Systems Administrators at x3778 or x5887.

Once an operator number has been assigned the requestor is notified of its availability as well as the password associated with it. The operator number is used for such functions as procard reallocations in FRS. More detailed instructions on using the operator number are provided by visiting the FRS web site, http://www.frs.uconn.edu. FRS training classes are also held regularly and one can sign-up for them by visiting "Scheduled Events" found on the FRS homepage.

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