Most users desire their FOCUS reports on paper (hardcopy). There are several printing options that are available to produce hardcopy reports.

  • The preferred method is to send reports to a Network printer that has an assigned IP address and printer tags for landscape and portrait printing. Generally, a department's technical support area can determine whether such a printer is available.

In order for a printer to produce such reports it will need to have the following criteria met:

  1. The printer will need a jet direct card configured.
  2. Once a printer has been configured with the jet direct card it will need a static IP address assigned to it.
  3. The printer will need printer tags assigned to it for portrait and landscape printing orientations once it receives the static IP address.

Call the University's HELP desk at 486-4357 for assistance with the above steps. They will send somebody out to help with the process.

  • Reports may also be sent to a desktop printer by using the "PCPRINT" utility. The user's PC mainframe session will need to be configured to print portrait and landscape reports from their PC to their local printer. The "PCPRINT" utility is not available on MACS. To have your PC mainframe session configured for printing mainframe reports to the local printer contact Carolyn McEvitt at C.B.McEvitt@Uconn.Edu or call x5887.
  • Print output can also be sent to the Computer Center's mainframe printers. For more information on this call the Computer Center HELP Desk or Carolyn McEvitt.

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Last updated 8/21/08 CBM