Printing Focus Reports

As mentioned earlier, there are really 2 choices that enable a FOCUS report to be printed from the mainframe. The first assumes that you have a network printer available to you with the capability of printing reports from the mainframe. The second involves the use of PCPRINT on the PC and a local printer. Information on configuring your PC for either method can be found by clicking HERE.

This discussion will begin by assuming that Method 1 is available to the user. That is, there exists a network printer with an associated printer tag to which all mainframe prints can be directed. Once the program is executed using the EX command (see "Running Focus Reports"), the following message will appear


When the user hits the carriage return, the report will come to the PC screen. The user can scroll through the report using the PF keys (F7, F8, F10, etc.). By typing "BOT" at the command line focus will bring the user to the last page of the report. To print the report the user initiates the following steps:

  1. Hit F3 - this will end the report or kill it
  2. At the caret (>) type OFFLINE and hit the return key
  3. At the caret type RETYPE and hit the return key
  4. At the caret type ONLINE and hit the return key

The following is an example of what will appear on the user's screen when the above steps are followed. The line in white is an indication that the report has been printed at the specified printer with the listed tag. In this case the printer tag is LP12. Printer tags will vary from printer to printer. Contact your department's technical support person or the HELP DESK to determine what your printer tag is.

Image of mainframe screen

The 2nd method is employed if the user does not have access to a mainframe printer, but has a local printer attached to their PC. This method does NOT work for MACS. Assuming all the configuration requirements have been met, the user executes the focus program and follows these steps:

  1. After the program is executed a prompt will appear asking whether they want the print to come to the Terminal (T), Printer (P), Reader (R), File (F) or Wide (W). The user will select F for FILE.
  2. Another prompt appears asking if the user would like to START or END a printer file. The user will select START since this is a new file.
  3. Next they are prompted to enter a file name. This can be any arbitrary name that has meaning to the user, such as Report1

Below is a sample of the above steps:

Image of mainframe window
For the above example the focus program creates a data file called "REPORT1", which has a filetype of LISTING and is saved to the temporary Z disk. The message the user will see when this has been completed is as follows:
image of mainframe window

To print the report file, "Report1" in this case, the user will type CMS at the last caret. When the "Ready" prompt appears the user will then type the following command: PCPRINT REPORT1 LISTING Z where PCPRINT is the command being issued, Report1 represents the filename, Listing represents the filetype and Z indicates the CMS disk where the file resides. Please remember that the Z disk is temporary and once the user logs completely off of CMS the file will no longer be available. The user can copy the file from the Z disk to the permanent A disk. Please click HERE for instructions on how to do this. Copying, deleting, renaming files is really the subject of a basic CMS introduction course.

Once the file is printed the user can type RETURN which will bring them back into FOCUS where they can execute another program or type FIN to get out of FOCUS and return to the READY mode.

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