The Profile Exec is a short program consisting of commands that are executed each time the user initiates a mainframe session by logging onto the mainframe with their CMS account. This Exec resides on the user's CMS account and will need to be edited to accommodate the printer tag codes, temporary z-space, entry to the focus environment and specified PF key settings. Therefore, steps 1, 2 & 3 will need to be completed before the Profile Exec is edited.

The Profile Exec can be edited by contacting Carolyn McEvitt at C.B.McEvitt@Uconn.Edu or x5887. She will need your CMS account number, CMS password, printer tag codes and any specific PF key assignments that you may desire. Once the Profile Exec has been setup and tested the user will be able to begin work in the FOCUS environment.

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508 UsableNet Approved (v. 1.2.1)

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