Accesing the FRS Focus Menu

The following are instructions on how to access the user-friendly FOCUS menu from a mainframe session. Also included is a section on troubleshooting any messages you may receive while trying to access or use the menu. Any questions, comments, problems or new report suggestions should be directed to Carolyn McEvitt at 6-5887 or by sending an email to



STEP 1 - The first item that will need to be addressed in order to use the menu is your CMS logon profile. A CMS logon profile is used to tailor a user's CMS environment. The profile contains certain commands and parameter settings that allow you to access different disks, set printer defaults, set the temporary z-space, etc. To have your profile reviewed and edited contact Carolyn McEvitt at the above number or email address. You will need to provide your CMS Id and password to her.

STEP 2 - Once STEP1 has been taken care of, you may now open a mainframe session by clicking on the mainframe icon found on your desktop. It is recommended that users have an icon with a widescreen session setup for the FOCUS reports. This will eliminate the need to use F10 and F11 to view reports that are wider than 80 columns. Many of you already have a widescreen session setup for Control-D. This is perfectly fine to use for the Focus menu as well. Please call x5887 or x3778 if you would like a widescreen session setup on your PC.

STEP 3 - Opening a mainframe session will bring you to the "green screen" and at the command line at the bottome of the page you will place an 'A' and then hit ENTER. You will then be prompted to enter you CMS Id and the password. This is the same CMS Id and password that you would use on FRS. Hit ENTER once more and wait until you get to the "READY" prompt.

STEP 4 - At "READY", type the following exactly how you see it: FRSFOCUS. Please note that the text is not case sensitive, so you may type it as upper or lowercase. Also, if you receive the message: UNKNOWN CP/CMS COMMAND contact Carolyn McEvitt for help with this. This message simply means that your profile needs to be edited to allow you to access FOCUS.

STEP 5 - Next you will be brought to the FRS Focus Reporting Menu. Tab until your cursor falls on the "+" sign next to the module that contains the reports that may be of interest to you and then hit ENTER.

STEP 6 - You will be brought to a 2nd menu which will allow you to select specific reports found under the module you selected. Again, tab until your cursor falls on the "+" sign next to the report you would like to run and hit ENTER.

STEP 7 - Many of the Focus reports prompt you for specific data such as account number(s), department number, date range, etc. Each prompt gives an example of how you should input a response. Please be sure to follow the examples.


  • Each report request automatically executes commands to link to their required data files. Reports that display transaction information may take a few minutes to do the linking.....please be patient! Transaction file linking usually takes about a minute or two to complete.
  • If you see the word "HOLDING" or "MORE" in the lower right hand corner of the screen, just hit the "Pause/Break" key.
  • If you want to cancel out of a report that is running, just type KX then hit ENTER.....this Kills eXecution of the report. It returns you to a focus caret (>) which allows you to type either FIN to exit focus completely, or you may type and enter EX F9530S01 to initiate the focus user menu again. If you FIN out of focus, you will be brought back to "READY", which will allow you to Logoff of the mainframe, or you may issue the FRSFOCUS command to go back to the menu.
  • The main menu also contains instructions at the bottom of the screen.



Unknown CP/CMS command

Your CMS profile is not correctly setup to access the Focus environment. This also could indicate that you did not properly close your mainframe session the last time you used it. Send your CMS logonid and password to Carolyn McEvitt so that she can either edit your profile or log you out of the session properly.
Disk Full This means that you were trying to save a file to your permanent disk, also known as the 'A' disk, and it ran out of space to save it. Edit your 'A' disk and erase any files that are no longer needed. Also, verify that any focus files are being saved to the z-disk (temporary space). Call Financial Systems (x5887 or x3778) for help with your z-disk. This can be alleviated by editing the user's cms profile.
HOLDING..... UCONNVM or MORE.... UCONNVM This appears in the bottom righthand corner of your screen when you execute a focus report. Hit Pause/Break key
RUNNING.... UCONNVM This appears in the bottom righthand corner of the screen and it means that the focus program is gathering the data for the report. Do nothing, but wait.
This appears in the bottom righthand corner of your screen and indicates that focus is waiting for you to issue a command. At the caret (>) issue a focus command.

Access Limited by Password


Occurs during the creation of the report. This implies that certain restrictions on your CMS account are prohibiting you from seeing everything you asked for in the report. Send your CMS logonid, password, the name of the focus report you were running when the message occurred and the parameters you were using to answer the prompts to Carolyn McEvitt so that she can research the problem..
CP READ appears in lower right-hand corner of screen. Occurs if the user did not log off of the mainframe in the proper manner. Contact Carolyn McEvitt.



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