Printing and downloading Focus Reports


This section discusses the printing and/or downloading of reports from the Focus menu.


There are several ways that the user may obtain prints of the Focus menu reports. Listed below are the more common methods that are applied:

  • Printing from the Focus program through the prompt 'PRINT'. This occurs at the start of the program when the user is asked to select an output for the report. The choices are PC for the monitor, PRINT to print the report, EXL2K or LOTUS for a file to download to Excel, WP for a file to download to Word. Choosing PRINT will direct the print to a mainframe printer. This method requires a printer with the capability to print mainframe reports as well as the user knowing the mainframe printer tags for landscape and portrait orientation on that printer. This method is the easiest assuming a mainframe printer and the printer tags are available. To find out more information on obtaining a mainframe printer and/or if your department has mainframe printer tags contact the HELP DESK at 6-4357, Desktop Support Group.
  • Printing a report AFTER you have asked it to display on the terminal (option PC). The report will run and then is displayed on the screen. The user decides that after seeing the report on the screen, they would like to print it. There are several ways that this can be done:
  1. The easiest way is to use the F4 key while the report is still displayed on the terminal. Hitting F4 will give the user the choice to print the whole report (1), print only the page that is displayed (2), Cancel the request (3), or hold the report (4). These choices appear at the bottom of the screen in the order just stated. Using the F4 key also assumes that your CMS mainframe account has had a printertag assigned within its profile. If you are unsure whether your CMS account has a profile contact Carolyn McEvitt at 486-5887.
  2. Another way to print would be to just return to the report menu, select the report to run and choose 'PRINT' when the display prompt asks for a selection. This, of course, assumes that a mainframe printer with printer tags is available and you know what your printer tag is.
  3. A third method involves a few more steps. Once the report is displayed, scroll to the bottom of the report using F8 OR type "bottom" (no quotes) at the command line of the report page you are on. Hit ENTER and then hit F3. This will kill the report and bring the user to a focus caret (>). At the caret type, Offline, then ENTER. At the next caret type Retype, then ENTER, which will send the report to the printer. At the next caret type Online, ENTER, then type FIN to get back to READY. From READY you can retype the FRSFOCUS to return to the main focus menu. This method also assumes that a mainframe printer with assigned printer tags is available. The user will need to verify that their CMS mainframe account is assigned printer tags and that one of the tags is designated the default within the mainframe account's profile. Again, contact Carolyn McEvitt if you are unsure if the printer tags have been placed in your mainframe profile.

To download a file from the focus menu the user will select either EXL2K or LOTUS to create a file or 'LOTUS' to create an EXCEL file or WP for a text file to download to Word or Notepad. As mentioned in the previous paragraph and in the REPORT OPTIONS section of this manual, selecting this option places the report on the user's temporary Z-disk. Remember, once you log off of your CMS account any files that have been placed on the Z-disk will be erased automatically unless you copy them to your permanent A-disk

The user should be at a READY prompt when initiating the downloading process. So, the user will need to leave the focus menu through selecting "Exit to CMS Environment" or if at a focus caret (>), the user will need to type FIN.

Once at the READY prompt the mouse arrow will need to be brought to the upper toolbar and the TRANSFER option selected. Then highlight RECEIVE FILE FROM HOST and click on it. The following image will appear:

In the box under the "Receive From (Host File Name)" you will enter the name of the file that was created by the focus program, the file type and the disk location. Below is an example of what you will type in this box depending on the file option you had selected:when you ran the report.


So, let us suppose that the EXL2K option was selected when the report was first run. That means that the"Receive From (Host File Name)" would contain TEST1 XHT Z.

The "Destination" must be DISK and the "Scheme" must be CMS_TEXT.

Under "Local File Name" you will enter the directory where you would like the downloaded file placed on your PC. If the EXL2K format is being downloaded, then the download file name would be something like sure to put the XLS extension on it. If the WP option is used the file extension will be TXT. A filetype of LOTUS maybe left blank as you will need to delimit it anyway once it is downloaded. Here is a sample of what the window will look like for an EXL2K file that is being downloaded.


Next Click "OK" and the file will begin transferring to the PC. A "transfer complete" message will appear when it has finished the download. At this point Close out of the downloading option and go to the MS application that the file will be viewed in. For instance, if the data is to be viewed in EXCEL then you would hit START, PROGRAMS, Microsoft EXCEL. Then click "file open" and BE SURE TO select ALL files under the "files of type" box. The following box will appear:



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