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Each of the focus reports on the FRS Focus Menu offers the user 4 report options each time a report is requested. The options are: PC, EXL2K, WP, or PRINT. You may also still use the old LOTUS choice, but the reports will not prompt for this option. These choices are described below.



Selecting "MONITOR" or "PC" tells the program to bring the report to the screen. If the user selects "PC" or "MONITOR" a message will eventually appear on the screen: "PAUSE.. PLEASE ISSUE CARRIAGE RETURN WHEN READY ." Once the user hits ENTER the report will appear on the screen.

If the user is using a screen with the default width of 80, then the F11 and F10 keys will need to be employed to move to the right and left of the report respectively in order to see the data.

If the user has a widescreen setup, which is the same as the setup used for viewing Control-D reports, then they will be able to see the whole report without having to use the F11 and F10 keys. Call Financial Systems, x5887 or x3778, to have a mainframe session setup with this widescreen viewing feature.

A report that is sent originally to the computer screen can also be printed by hitting your F4 key and selecting either option 1 for a single page print or option 2 for a print of the whole report. Please refer to the "Printing & Downloading" section of this website for more information on these functions.


  • EXL2K
  • WP

A selection of "EXL2K", "LOTUS" or "WP" will instruct the program to create a file, which will be written to the user's Z-disk. This option is used primarily to create a file that is to be downloaded to a PC application such as EXCEL or WordPad. The program will prompt you for a file name. Let's use TEST1 as an example for a file name......but the name can be anything you choose provided it begins with a literal and is from 5 to 8 charachters long! When the program develops the report it will place the data in a file with the following formats depending on what you selected:

TEST1 XHT if you selected the EXL2K format. This format is best for downloading to EXCEL.

TEST1 WP for a text format used for WORD or NOTEPAD. You will get all headings and totals with this format.

TEST1 PRN for a LOTUS format. This format requires you to delimit the file in order to download it to EXCEL. The column headings are not preserved in the download.

All files will be located on the Z-disk, which is a temporary workspace that exists as long as a CMS session is active. Once the user logs off of their CMS account the Z-disk is cleared and any files residing on the Z-disk will be wiped off. To see if your file such as TEST1 XHT was created on the Z-disk the user will type: FLIST * * Z at the READY prompt. Be sure to place a space before and after each asterisk.

If the user wants to retain a file that has been written to the Z-disk, the user will need to copy it to their permanent A-disk. This is done by typing the following next to the file type on the Z-disk filelist: Copy / = = a with spaces before and after the forward slash (/) and equal signs (=). So, suppose we want to copy the TEST1 XHT file to our permanent A-disk. We would simply do the following:

  1. Go to the Z-disk filelist by typing Flist * * z
  2. Find the file you want to copy to your permanent A-disk. Our example is TEST1 XHT .
  3. In the column after the XHT filetype hit your F11 key to clear the columns to the right and type Copy / = = a and this will put the TEST1 XHT file to your A-disk for downloading.

You now have a permanent copy of the file on your A-disk. If you want to overwrite a file on your A-disk with one that has the same name on your Z-disk you would simply add (replace immediately after the 'a' in the copy command: Copy / = = a(replace

Now the file can be downloaded or printed. Please refer to the Printing & Downloading section of this website for more information on these functions.


The option "PRINT" is available if your printer has been assigned mainframe printing tags. Selecting this option will prompt the user to enter either a landscape or portrait printing tag. This option sends the report immediately to the user's printer. Contact the UITS HELP Desk (x4357) for more information on the steps involved in obtaining a mainframe printer tag or to see if tags have already been assigned. Some departments have printer tags, but are unaware of them.

Remember, even if you choose to have the report come to the screen initially you may still press the F4 key to select a print option. Using the F4 key means that your cms account must be setup with a mainframe printer tag in its profile.



Please do not hesitate to contact the Finance Systems Office if you have questions on any of the above options (486-5887 or 486-3778).


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