Running and Printing reports

The simplest interaction that a user can have with FOCUS is running and printing existing FOCUS reports or programs. In order to run and print a FOCUS report, also known as "executing" the report, two requirements must be met:

  • The user is able to access the FOCUS environment.
  • The FOCUS report that they would like to produce resides on their CMS account OR the user has access to the FRS FOCUS MENU of reports.

The first requirement is achieved if the steps listed under "Where to Start" have been completed. Once these steps have been accomplished the user will open a mainframe session which will display the UConn "green screen" menu. An example of the "green screen" is shown below:

Mainframe Screen image

The user selects option "A" and will be prompted to enter their CMS account number and Password. The CMS account number and password are identical to what is used to enter the FRS system.

Once these are entered the user will be brought to the "READY" prompt where they can issue CMS commands. It is at this point that the user decides whether they would like to run a Custom focexec or a report from the FRS Focus menu of reports.



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