Running Reports

A CUSTOM report is a focus report written for you. It resides on your CMS account and is not run from the FRS focus menu. To run a custom report you must know the name of the report you want to run and verify that this particular Focus report resides on your CMS account. This is done by opening a mainframe session (this should be an icon on your desktop) and entering your CMS Id and password (same as if you entered FRS). Once the "READY" prompt appear on your screen type the CMS command FLIST .

The FLIST command will give you a listing of all the files on your cms account that reside on your permanent or A-disk. Those ending with a filetype of FOCEXEC are custom focus programs.


Below is an example of the files that may be found on an individual's cms account. Note that the order of information listed is Filename (ACCNTDTL), Filetype (FOCEXEC), the Disk the file resides on (A1), File format (F for Fixed), Record length (80), File size (105 records), Block size (3) and last date the file was updated or changed (6/15/00).

Mainframe Screen
Once the user has found the focexec that they would like to run they hit F3 to return to the "READY" prompt and then type the command INFOCUS as shown at the left. This will bring the user into the Focus environment.


The user is then brought into the FOCUS environment as indictated by the caret (>).
Mainframe Screen
At the caret the user types the focus command EX F9530S99 or F9530S94 or F9530S95* to link their CMS account to the FOCUS data files. The Focus data files are shadow files of the FRS system and hence will contain the same data. It takes a few minutes for the links to be made.
Mainframe Screen The links are completed when the "VM READ UCONNVM" is seen in the lower right hand corner. But until completion the user will see "More..... and they will just need to hit their Pause/break key to continue the linking.
Once the user sees the "VM READ" in the right hand corner they may execute the focus program that produces the desired report. Mainframe Screen

After the focus program is executed using the EX command, a report will come to the screen. The user can view the report on the screen by scrolling through it using the PF7 (back), PF8 (forward), PF10 (left), PF11 (right), BOT (bottom), TOP (top).

To learn about printing the focus report, click here.

To learn more about executing a custom focus report, please contact Carolyn McEvitt at or 486-5887.

* Please see the section on master file descriptions for an explanation on which link file should be executed.

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