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Frequently Asked Questions

Accounts Payable

Q1. What is the check number and check date of a specific vendor?

A1. If the account number is known, but the vendor name is not, then go to screen 23 to check if an Accounts Payable (AP) batch was posted for the account. This screen will give the correct spelling of the vendor name.

If the vendor name is known go directly to screen 102 and type the vendor name in the field for the "VEND". This will automatically refill the "VEND" field with the vendor number associated with the vendor name that was input. Next go to screen 118 which will list the check number, date and amount of the vendor.


Q1. How much have I spent so far and what do I have left to spend?

A1. Screen 19 is the subsidiary ledger account summary. The column headed "Actual" tells how much has been spent to date against the account. The "Encumb" column indicates dollar amounts that, although not yet spent, are allocated for an expense item. The final column, "Avail", represents the remaining dollar amount in the account and is calculated by subtracting the Actual and Encumb values from the first column (Budget).

Q2. What is my fund balance?

A2. Screen 18 displays the general ledger account summary. Account Controls in the range from 3100 through 3900 represent fund balances for various categories (tuition, loans, auxiliary, agency, etc.).

Q3. A 4-ledger account has been switched to a 6-ledger. The 4-ledger has an open commitment, which appears as paid in the 6-ledger account. How does the open commitment get relieved correctly?

A3. Call the Accounting Department. An accountant will investigate the situation. Several steps are involved with this cleanup. The first would be to have Purchasing delete the open commitment in the 4-ledger account and transfer it to the 6-ledger. A budget would then have to be set up by the Budget department and then Purchasing could relieve the open commitment.

FRS System

Q1. What should I do when the password for my Logon Id expires?

A1. Your Logon Id refers to your CMS account, also known as your mainframe account. The instructions for changing the password for the mainframe account can be found HERE.

Q2. What do I do if I have too many password violations and I get locked out of my mainframe account?

A2. Call the Help Desk at 486-HELP(4357). They will be able to assign a new password to your account.

Q3. Can I share my FRS 4-digit operator number and password with another person?

A3. While the FRS System Administrators cannot prohibit you from partaking in such an activity, it is strongly discouraged for the following reasons:

    1. Sharing operator numbers & passwords may give others access to account information that only you & your department head should have.
    2. A person may be able to perform a function such as requisitioning that only you are authorized to do. They may also inadvertently change account data if they have access to such capabilities.
    3. The auditing process becomes meaningless. For instance, if a screen change points to your operator number as the source of the change and you have no recollection of ever making it, then the source and reason for the change remains unknown and the audit report useless.

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